Deploy Software Quickly with PDQ Deploy

Use PDQ Deploy to install applications and patches to all the computers in your company. 

PDQ Deploy Package Window

Pro and Enterprise mode customers have access to pre-made packages ready to deploy.

NOTE: Trial users have access to some but not all of the package library. Full access to the library is not provided during your trial. 

Don't have pro or enterprise mode? No problem, simply point a PDQ Deploy Package to the install files (MSI, EXE) and you're ready to deploy. There is no coding required!

Install MSI's to Multiple Computers

Need to install an MSI? Just create a new PDQ Package and point it to the MSI. If the installation has more than a single MSI file, be sure to check the "Include Entire Directory" checkbox. 

Install EXE's to Multiple Computers

Need to install an EXE? All you need to do is verify that the application can be installed silently. (By default MSI's have this ability, but EXE's need to be explicity told to run silently). Not every EXE supports this feature, but most do. 

The challenge will be to determine the correct method to run it silently. The silent parameter (sometimes called a switch) can be /s or /S, /q or /Q, /quiet, /qn, and a host of other options. Sometimes the installations are case senstive, so be sure to use exactly what the vendor states is the correct switch.

Ready-to-deploy Installs in the Package Library

We created the Package Library so that our users wouldn't have to spend time with every Java or Flash update that comes down the pike. When you are a pro or enterprise mode customer you get access to the  Package Library you can get common apps that are already in PDQ Packages, and are ready for deploying to all your computers. See the full list of ready-to-go installs.

Customize Your Installs

With PDQ Deploy you can install just about any application or patch just by pointing a PDQ Deploy package to an EXE or MSI. You can also make changes to the packages that you downloaded from the Package Library. 

What if my Installation has more files than just an MSI or EXE?

Many installations require more than a single install file.

To be sure that these files are used during the installation, be sure to check the "Include Entire Directory" checkbox when you point the PDQ Package to the MSI or EXE.

include entire directory to add all install files

PDQ copies all install files to target computer and then initiates the installation "locally". Checking the "Include Entire Directory" checkbox ensures that all the necessary files get copied down. This includes any subdirectories.

Software Deploy Example Video

Shane & Lex show how to setup PDQ Deploy, download Adobe Flash from within PDQ, and then deploy it to multiple computers. 

We recommend watching in HD (full screen).

What if my Installation requires more steps than just running an install file?

Not a problem.

Multi-step installs are supported in the Pro Mode version of PDQ Deploy.

For instance if you need to kill a web browser before installing Adobe Flash, you can put in a kill command as the first step in your Package. 

Java (JRE) 7 (64 bit) Update 45 PackageAnother good example would be uninstalling previous versions of software, like the JRE. You could have a step for each uninstall of previous updates. 

Another possibility is running a script following an install step. 

Steps can be running other installs or running commands. 

What's the difference between Pro and Enterprise Package Library?

Pro and Enterprise mode unlock the advanced features of PDQ Deploy, like scheduled installs and multi-step packages, etc. 

Starting with PDQ Deploy 3.1, Pro and Enterprise mode come with access to the Package Library.  (Our users like the Package Library because it saves them time by not needing to create packages for frequently updated apps like Java, Reader, Flash, Chrome, etc.)

Are upgrades to future releases of PDQ included in Pro and Enterprise?

Yes, so long as you are current with your subscription you will have continued access to updates and support. Subscriptions are annual. If you decide to cancel your subscription you will continue to have access to Pro and Enterprise mode features, however you will not have access to the Package Library, updates to PDQ, or support.

How do I get a trial of Pro or Enterprise mode?

Request a trial for PDQ Deploy here, or PDQ Inventory hereThere is nothing new to install. Simply copy/paste the key that is emailed to you into each product (File > Product License). 

Does a pro mode trial include a trial to the Package Library?

No. As a trial user you will have access to some very common apps (like Adobe Flash) but full access requires a paid Pro or Enterprise mode license.

How do I tell PDQ Deploy which computers to install to?

choose targets

There are a bunch of ways that you can choose which computers that you push installs to.

You can choose your target computers from:

  • Active Directory
  • Text lists
  • Manually type each hostname
  • PDQ Inventory
  • Spiceworks

How can I tell if my computers need the application or patch?

We have a companion product called PDQ Inventory which scans your computers for installed apps and other configuration settings, and stores these scans in a database.

PDQ Inventory allows you to group your computers into collections based on just about any configuration. 

For instance, create a collection of all computers that do not have Adobe Reader X installed. Then in PDQ Deploy, when choosing target computers to deploy Reader, simply select that PDQ Inventory collection and those computers will receive the deployment.